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     The Gaouette Farm in North Andover, MA grows the best tasting  vegetables around! No chemical pesticides or fertilizers! Only satisfying, fresh food the way nature intended! 
Gaouette Farm 2018 CSA Program
Gaouette Farm is now accepting reservations for our 2018 CSA program!
We call it a Farmer's Market CSA. Instead of a traditional CSA with only one specific pick-up time per week, our new plan allows members to come to any of our three weekly Farmers Markets whenever they like.
At the Farmer's Market members may choose any fruit and vegetables they want but will then pay it off their member credit.
Here's how it will work:
- Like all CSA's, members will sign up and pay for their share right away in order to reserve it for the season.
- Members may come to any Farmer's Market we attend and as often as they like. It is up to each member to spend their credit as they wish through the season. For example, if you go on vacation, you don't have to worry about missing a pick-up day and instead you may choose to bring home more produce the next week.
- At the Farmer's Market, members make their selections like any customer, and then we will tally the items and subtract the total from the members credit.
- THE SEASON BEGINS IN JULY - Members may come to any Farmer's Market starting with the first of each market in July (exact date to be determined by each Farmer's Market). The season the runs straight through to the last of each market in October (Oct. 17 last year). This gives a 16 week season. Members may budget their remaining credit as they wish but must spend it all before the end of the season since it will NOT roll over to the next season.
- With a CSA in this form, members get a great value for their money, but also unmatched freedom in what they choose to receive for produce (or any other product we offer at market). Also, members will not be bound to a specific pick-up time since they may  come at their own convenience. 
This will be the most Flexible CSA program you will find!
Farmer's Markets:

North Andover: Sundays 10AM - 2PM
Westford: Tuesdays 2:30 - 6:30PM
Danvers: Wednesdays 4PM - 7PM
Stoneham: Thursdays 2:30 - 6:30PM
Andover: Saturdays 10AM - 2PM
Wilmington: Sundays 10AM- 1PM

  Benefits of Gaouette Farm CSA: 
1. Eat ultra-fresh, chemical-free food, with all the flavor and health benefits.
2. Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows your food and learn more about how it is grown.
3. Help support a local farm so that healthy food will be a part of our future.
4. Help the environment by not supporting corporate farming and all of its far reaching effects.
 5. Save money, since the CSA is a great value!
E-mail  Don't miss out, since there's a limited number of shares we can provide.
2018 Vegetable selection
1. Heirloom and regular Tomatoes (Many varieties)
2. Potatoes (5 varieties)
3. Romaine lettuce
4. Cucumbers
5. Summer squash (3 varieties)
6. Zucchini
7. Onions
8. Garlic
9. Sweet corn
10. Eggplant
11. Scallions
12. Arugula
13. Beets
14. Broccoli
15. Basil
16. Spinach
17. Kale
18. Bok Choy
19. Swiss Chard
20. Green Beans
21. Bell peppers
22. Local Peaches (several varieties)
23. Local Apples (several varieties)
24. Winter squash (many varieties)
25. Pumpkins
26. Dried Beans
27. Fennel
28. sweet potatoes
29. Turnip
30. Snap Peas


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