Gaouette Farm - Taste the Difference!
Meet the Farmers: Isaac and Liz Gaouette of Gaouette Farm.
How we Farm
The Gaouette Farm is a small diversified vegetable farm. It began with Isaac's love of vegetable gardening. The whole point was to grow better and more wholesome food than could be found in the local supermarket. That being said, we grow everything with absolutely no chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our crops are sustainably grown with few off-farm inputs. We value the land and strive to protect its biodiversity. Fertility is primarily maintained with compost (made right on the farm), crop rotation, and extensive use of cover crops. We enjoy what we do and hope to bring the best tasting food into your home this summer!

Sunrise on Gaouette Farm.


Farmer Liz.
Now that's some celery!


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